bonecrusher transformer decepticon

CBR reports of an actual military armoured vehicle having an Decepticon-role in the upcoming Transformers movie, as "Bonecrusher" = and with a name like that, the Autobots' got their work cut out for them!
bonecrusher1 bonecrusher2
(images previously blogged here and with hi-res versions on CyborgCommando's flickr-set)

from a Constructicon-bulldozer to a 23-ton mine-clearing behemoth, Bonecrusher is actually "Buffalo" ~ made by Force Protection Inc. (check out the videos on their site)

and why is this all here? becoz i reckon this'll be one of the more popular toys (if it gets made, that is) from the live-action movie - there's something about bulky macho-vehicles that grabs at youngster's imagination tho? IMHO of coz *heheheheh*

[post circa 26.11.06]

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