bumblebee face revealed

Bumblebee pops on out to say *hi* [via]

and then there's also the video footage of the filming of a Transformers street sequence featuring Jazz (Porsche) and Ratchet (Hummer) in vehicle-form [via] = which i can't view at all! (but doesn't mean you'd not get to too, innit? *heh*)

and then im wondering if either Autobot or Decepticon have any "mouths"? or at least a semblance of a "moving orifice" when they "talk/communicate"? (like in the cartoons?) if not, then it'll just be moving transformed-robots with sounds and words coming out like a voice-over, like one of those life-sized mascot-suits folks wear at malls to entertain kids, innit? and to compensate for that lack they'd flail move their arms and head about to "simulate" talking, innit?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting *hhhmmm*

[post circa 31.08.06]

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