leaked cg-render of barricade

and the CG-render-floodgates continues to spill forth with leaked designs aplenty - actual final designs or not, we'd never fully know til the movie comes out, innit? ~ meanwhile, check out Barricade in Decepticon-mode: [via/via]
a very confused heap of scrap-metal, with a Megatron-centric facial-design, moves me not, im sorry ... anyways, be sure to download the original wallpaper image@Harbx.com.

"Barricade first featured in 1990 as part of a Decepticon race track patrol team, his vehicle mode was a formula one racing car. Barricade is the commander of the team and pushes the other members. His only fictional appearance is in the Dreamwave comics Micromaster series ... In the movie, he will be a Decepticon and can change into a Ford Mustang police car." [via]

[posted circa 8.12.06]

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