more leaked cgi-design sheets of Transformers

finally after a flood of Transformers proto-type toys-imagery (still more to come!), we get to see a few more leaked design drawings - ala CGI Design Sheets [via/via] - which i have photoshopped here:

Decepticon Starscream looks rather bulky and menacing in this design (too bad the toys have been looking pretty disappointing, IMHO):
[original image]

*view more after the jump*

no toy-images so far but Decepticon Bonecrusher looks set to be a brawler:
[original image]

added new:

and check out Decepticon Soundbyte which has been renamed Frenzy:
[original image] and looking like a pile of chicken-bones, innit? *smacks palm on forehead* *LOL*

and finally the lone Autobot Ironhide (getting to be another fav of mine)
[original image]

past design leaks:
- Megatron design-sheet
- Megatron design-renders
- Megatron and Barricade CG-renders
- Barricade CG-render
- Optimus and Bumblebee CG-renders

[posted circa 5.02.07]

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