optimus prime autobot-mode revealed

from truck to Auto-bot = now this is the
sorta design i could agree with, IMHO :)
(conceptual drawing or not ;p) [via]

my reactions to the on-going issues (read in fan forums) against the design of autobots and decepticons, that it is not faithful to the G1 (generation one?) and that somehow it looks nowhere near the Transformer cartoons embedded in every fans' minds:
(1) if it's "retro-cartoons" fans want, then maybe it'll be better if it came out a full-CG-flick (ala Final Fantasy or heck, even Toy Story!) - i personally would loveta see that, but this movie ain't it. ain't going to be it and ain't never gonna be it.
(2) the reality of current technology and design "demands" radical designs, or at the very least folks "expect" a certain level of forward-design-thinking. this is an "adaptation" of a fan-favourite property and not a "homage", as everyone (fans) hoped it would be.
(3) it's gonna be made into toy. how simple do we expect toys to be, in this day and age?
(4) at the very end, tis but a "property" (a very lucrative one) to the powers-that-be and we are but fan fodder that fills the cinema seats and queue up at the toy-cashier counters.

now, doesn't Optimus look totally kick-ass all regal-Autobot leader here?

[post circa 06.09.06]

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