prime directive

when a script-cover doesn't say "Final Draft" or "Shoot Script" - the likelihood of the script being the actual final script is not very high. unless of course the whatever-version IS the final version, then all rules are out the window.

with that said, these are the first 5-pages of the leaked Transformers script [via] (the first page being the cover-page) page 2 / page 3 / page 4 / page 5

and if that's not enough for yer, download the whole blardy 112-page PDF-file here (dated Feb 28, 2006) [via]

i've yet to read it. i don't know if i'll ever read it, becoz (A) i don't want to spoil the surprise (B) i don't to have a chance to be disappointed (C) i've got blardy work to finish before Friday, so i'll read it over the weekend instead, innit? *HAH* ... and but of coz i read the last page lah (couldn't resist). here's a coupla short captions
(end page/scene 206)
>>> Optimus:
I have witnessed their capacity for
courage ... and much like us, there's more
to them than meets the eye.

(end page/scene 207)
I am Optimus Prime ... and I send this
message to all surviving Autobots taking
refuge among the stars. You are not
alone ... We are here. We are waiting.

[post circa 14.09.06]

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