is this the final transformers movie toys update post?

with the launch of Hasbro's dedicated Transformers-movie toys website [via], there really isn't much left to be "discovered", is there?

granted, it doesn't have the hi-res image-goodness of individual collector's personal toy-pics, but i reckon the kick of the image-hunt has all but been extinguished, innit? at the very least for me ... and what else have we got to look forward to?

meanwhile as i ponder the fates of future Transformer-toy updates, peep a video-review of Optimus Prime and various other trans-toy-titbits here:

i've gotta ask: why is the Legend Series RATCHET in green instead of yellow? do younger kids have a lesser tolerance for recognizing the color-spectrum? ... i don't understand ...

and amidst all the "big-boys-toys" (let's tell the truth for once, the higher-end priced toys are to cater to the kidults and not the toddlers, yeh?) there are the expected "pure-kiddy" products, including "dumbed-down"-Transformers (in terms of "details", yeh?) - ie: the cutesy "super-deformed" Robot Heroes, yeh? - which frankly would make more interesting chess-peiecs, as opposed to these, innit? IMHO, 'natch :p

... but what's this about a die-cast Optimus Prime?

[via] reportedly apparently the figure has die-cast parts and is produced
by Takara ... will find out more on this ... perhaps ... :p

also, find out where Optimus Prime's driver disappears to,
by downloading/viewing the WMV here

and besides buying the actual product for yourself, what's the
next best thing to seeing toy-images online? watch videos of
toy-reviews, that is! [via/via]

[post circa 2.05.07]

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