transformer prototype toys update 2007 part three

and speaking of Barricade (wiki), this Police Car is gaining popularity amongst fans (if the feedback on forumboards is any indication):
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i attribute it to a childhood of "police and robbers" and of the "coolness" of police-car sirens et al, that brings out the familiarity for most males, IMHO :p
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and when was the last time you saw a Hollywood generic police-car NOT crashing upon themselves in a car-chase after the leading actor-as-villain? time for the Police to get back their due, innit? *heh* ... altho im not too sure about Starscream (wiki) tho:
i mean, as a "plane", he looks pretty decent (another childhood "vehicle of choice" = jet-plane ;p), but kinda "star-fish"-like as a Decepticon, IMHO ... even Bumblebee (wiki) seems a tad banal (ever since his last reveal here and here) - but perhaps a finished paintjob would be fairer to this possible soon-to-be Transformer-darling of the fans:

and finally, if ever i were to actually purchase a Transformers-movie figure, it would be without a doubt; Ratchet (blogged):
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[part one / part two]

[post circa 05.01.07]

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