transformers prototype toys update 2007 part ten

and the Transformers toy-image leaks come fast and furious, as the marketing-machine that which are the TF-fans trackdown info across the board - starting with this mucho-leak of a scanned-catalog filled with Transformer-toy goodness [via]

(cannot confirm full authenticity tho)

my take: i reckon what would make them uber-cool would actually be longer mecha-legs, innit? (see protoype Optimus here) having to "fit" them within the transformable-vehicle form might be a tad "problematic", but im sure could be sorted out, yeh? the thin-line between "function" and "form" needs to be blurred and crossed sometimes, me thinks :)

"Leader Class" - Optimus Prime looks decent but "chunky" tho, but tons better than the others we've seen so far ... while Megatron looks a tad like a hybrid-insectoid figure :p
"Deluxe Class" figures - featuring Bumblebee, Barricade, Brawl and Jazz = *yumz*

Jazz (FAB) gets an entire gallery of his own @ TFormers.com [via]:

if toy-images maketh (or breaketh) the toy-hype, then toy-poses helps sell them, IMHO. to wit: these posed-action images [via] of Protoform Starscream actually makes him "better looking" than the travesties in the past, dunnit? IMHO, anyways :p
[larger-resolution pics @ @ TFormers.com]

[post circa 31.01.07]

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