transformers toys 2007: blackout

the previous images of Blackout (here) were enough to "excite" me ... but with these new images? im practically wetting me mecha-pants, i am!
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[original hi-res images / mirrored here]

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"Blackout is a new character to Transformers, bearing no resemblance to any previous character with the same name. Blackout transforms into a MH-53 Pave Low. According to the screenwriters, Blackout is the largest Decepticon, transporting the other group members and has the ability to disrupt mechanical devices via EMP ... In the film, Blackout and his partner Scorponok will attack the Succent Operations Base in Qatar." [via]
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and courtesy of TFW2005.com, here are a couple of videos (posted by board-member Scrouge_151) showing Blackout in action!

rotating rotorblades [video link]

Blackout releases Scorpornok [video link]

Blackout has surely become my fav Decepticon (to date)! *heh*

[post circa 5.02.07]

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