transformers toys 2007: megatron, barricade and nike

pretty dismal on the toy-front, with loads enroute to toyshelves toy-warehouses globally (im sure :p), and/or already shown online to death (and i've seen the Real Gear figures up close at the local flea market but am unwilling to part with SGD$40 per piece, prototype or not :p) ... anyways, have a gander at the TFW2005.com release of Megatron Alt Mode (Proto-form?) - with the "encased-in-ICE" effect, that matches the on-set image [shown here]:
sweet-adaption, IMHO ... but not exactly on my to-buy-list ... *meh*

but i gotta say, this test-shot of Barricade in both vehicular and robot mode is looking mighty purdy in tangerine and violet pink [via]
ladies and gentlemen, this would be what it would like, if ever Hasbro's Transformers were to collaborate/crossover with Mattel's Barbie ... altho i wouldn't mind a 1/6th-version of that, seriously! *LOL*

and while this is not exactly "official-Transformer-movie"-related toy, here's yet another round of images [via] to add to your Transformers Sports Label Nike Free 7.0 series image-collection [first posted here]
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

[post circa 15.03.07]

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