PreSale for Transformers Series 2 Mini Figures from The Loyal Subjects

Available for presale now via www.theloyalsubjects.com is the second series of their Transformers Mini Series, and they are poised to take over your toy-display! And having had a chance to handle Series 1, I cannot wait for Series 2, which features even more articulation ("8 points", now) which features designs by Les Schettkoe.

US$12.99 per unit / blind box.
US$100.00 for a bundle of 8 units.
US$208.00 for a complete display.
Shipping in Late May/Early June 2014.
""The War rages on. Cybertron is plagued by Civil War and the complete dilution of resources consumed by its inhabitants. With plans to invade Earth, the Autobots must stop Megatron and his insurgence from taking Earth's resources for their own. With help from the Dinobots, Optimus pushes back Shockwave and his forces, including Ramjet and the Insecticon known as Shrapnel. While the Dinobots are continuously annoyed with Optimus Prime, their greater disdain for the Decepticons keeps them of somewhat neutral threat to Optimus and his cadre, including Prowl, Mirage and Sideswipe.""
Additional pics via IG @theloyalsubjects

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