Two Words: "Transformers" and "3A". And with 3A Toys' track record of producing mecha toys, and perhaps an anticipated "redo" ala the art of Ashley Wood, this series no doubt has folks' collective interests piqued!

And the first to be revealed is BUMBLEBEE! And while I do not know for certain if the Autobot figure can be "transformed" physically-by-hand into vehicle mode (Don't reckon it does, innit? LOL), I am certainly struggling to find any difference between the 3A Toys edition, and the Michael Bay movie-version haha

Initially solicited as a "December" pre-order release, the schedules has since been removed from the 3A Production Blog (I know because I prepped a post specifically about 3A Transformers before info was yanked LOL) … Nevertheless, more product info when I have them! Previously listed were also Optimus Prime, Starscream and Megatron. It remains to be seen if the release or even production roll call remains the same.

ALL Images below are from the Michael Bay movies:

(Below "Revoltech Bumblebee" pics via www.tfw2005.com)

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