The Mini-Dinobots from Transformers

Making their “official” debut at the recent Super Bowl #51 (prior airing to the Extended Spot for TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT), were Transformers Mini-Dinobots! The above “Pre-Bowl Player Profile” was a package to introduce the obvious new series of TOYS to be eventually had - as much as it might have been to serve the film’s story, let’s not deny that LOL

And seems it is a legitimate “thing” going to happen (as Mark Wahlberg ‘somewhat’ agrees to, in the interview video seen at the base of this post).

A toy range appealing to a “younger” spectrum of the audience, or “audience family member”? Can’t beat that! Than again, maybe daddy and mummy can have their own “life-sized” Mini Dino Bots too, yeh? Hey, I’m not knocking it, it is a “Hasbro”-movie we are watching, so there never should be a doubt or quibble, innit? Work it, Hasbro! :)

I’m hoping some higher-range products might come out of this, like remote control mini-dinobots? Don’t need that high-maintenance of the larger “adult”-bots, with limited actions for the baby bots … wold be utterly adorable tho LOL

Screensnaps, because why wouldn’t I?

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