megatron on ice

seriously, i'd never have anybody take pictures of my "top secret" movie set, much less post them on the worldwideweb for all and sundry to see and criticize!!!

now, having said that, i'm totally lurvin' this trio of sneak Megatron On Ice pictures! [via]
*photoshopped, 'natch* ;p
[the "Megatron-icle" was first seen here + here]
personally, i reckon this partial construct would be for live-actors to react in, with the missing top half of Megatron in either CG-added in laterz - tis nice to see the effort going into "realism", even if tis just half the mecha-bod LOL

notice the scaled-model (for framing purposes, perhaps?) in image below (circled) - now, i seriously wouldn't mind having that dude on my desk at all! :p

[posted circa 9.02.06]

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