more megatron, ironhide and frenzy design leaks

more leaked Transformer-movie designs, this time with a trio of images, starting with the "final" 3D-design render of Megatron! [via]
top-tier image is the "final"-3D-design, compared to the earlier featured renders at the bottom-tier, Megatron is shaping up to be quite an awesome evolved-looking mecha, IMHO - and hoping his "character" matches his look (unlike the quasi-whiny cartoon he used to be LOL ;p)

Ironhide is really shaping up to be a real cool-Autobot, at least from this CGI render [via]

while Frenzy (first revealed here) is still borderline "comedic", IMHO

cheeky-comparisons with Johnny5 is inevitable (*snicker*) ... but truly need to see the silver-screen adaptation of him to accurately judge, i reckon :p

[original images via TFW2005.com]

[posted 10.02.07]

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