official transformers movie teaser trailer two

the second official trailer for the live-action Transformers Movie is now online! [via]

- the english version @ yahoo.uk
(the full-screen version is quite erratic, no doubt from the barrage of fans viewing tho :p)
- there's a french version viewable here too

click on the image-icons below to view a mondo-larger image (in another window):
transformertrailer01 transformertrailer02
transformertrailer03 transformertrailer04
personally, im having megamecha-goosepimples viewing these, which may (or may not) put fanboys and Michael Bay-haters' collective minds at ease ... but then again, i know im happy with what i saw, and that's good enough for me = *AUTOBOTS~TRANSFORM!*

added 21.12.06:
[links via Tranformerslive]:
- Yahoo!Movies now has various format available for your mecha-viewing pleasure
- more screengrabs (that i missed) via Mangatron's photobucket
- and inevitably, here's a lower-res youtube version of the trailer
(in case you have download problems :p)


[posted 20.12.06]

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