optimus prime face revealed (sort of)

partially shoruded in silhouetted-shadows, Optimus Prime stands tall with possibly an Energon Matrix cube glowing in his gut his headlights flashing (???) on the cover of EMPIRE magazine [via] and from this image @ tfw2005boards, fanboys seems somewhat temporarily placated by the original-G1-face/head design of Optimus Prime.
giving-in to fanboys' pleas? or part of the original plan? the way i see it (and this is my own assumption, mind), the alien-Transformers arrived on earth, with their own Cybertron-organic-mecha-design-origins and mayhap part of their evolution was to assimilate (as if giant robots ever can) as close as they can to our culture and technology, was to adopt the more docile and less menacing look by the Autobots (including earth domestic-ish vehicles), while the Decepticons, obviously dun give a shitte about us humans, remains still in their Cybertron-menacing primordial-mecha look. does this make any sense to you? *it all makes perfect sense in my mind*
remember: there has to be "progression" or "growth" / "evolution" in the process of the story/movie - any story ... and how much you wanna guess this (G1) will be their final image to appear, before the end of the movie, to herald the next / sequel?

or yes, i am thinking too much into this. tis just a candypopcorn-flick, innit? yep. *heh*

[posted circa 24.12.06]

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Colin said...

These guys have loads of transformer posters



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