transformer toy prototypes

possible prototype Transformer-movie toys revealed online [via/via]:
transformtoys01 tranformtoys02
no, the images you see above are not made-in-china bootleg-toys (*heh*) = they are "apparently" prototypes toys (with no paint-apps) for the upcoming Transformers-movie (scheduled to release 2nd June 2007) = which i personally think reinforces (and reminds us) that tis all "plastic toys" at the end of the day, dunnit? *LOL*

the list:
(A) the odd-one out amongst the "vehicles" is Scorponok (film image revealed here)
(B) police car Barricade
(C) Jazz pontiac
(D) Bumblebee camero
(E) Brawl tank
(F) possibly Bonecrusher, but looks nothing like the movie-version (Buffalo) ... or mayhap this series may not be movie-accurate, innit?

well, so far all we get to see are Transformers-in-vehicle-mode (except for Scorponok) but if this preliminary Blackout-sculpt is any indication? i might just start picking up Transformer-toys, innit?

but don't hold your breathe, gentle-readers ... the last time i actually bought one was a near-lifetime ago:
rat tales

now, i've not featured any of the current leaked "proto-forms" of the Transformer-toys (shown in full-glory here+here), becoz i don't really feel nor care for them (but that's just me) and looks way too Beast-Wars-ish for my taste - and this image (from tfw2005-board member "Mike") basically sums it up for me:


but what i really liked were these designs, which until
now, no one has been able to confirm whether they are
actually movie-toys, or just Transformers-related only:
sponsorship/product-placement-heaven, innit? way cool if they were actually ordinary everyday devices/machines come to life in the aftermath of "Allspark" (as hypothesized by forum-folks) and become spies / scout-bots, gathering intel for the "invading" Decepticons! yes, that would be cool, IMHO and i personally might consider getting these "true-sized" toys (if they be) and in a weird way, somehow seem more "real" too, IMHO *heh*

[post circa 27.11.06]

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