it's prime time!

in addition to the recent unveil of Hasbro's Transformers toys @ the NYTF just, Hasbro and Dreamworks hosted Michael Bay and Adam Goodman (president of production at DreamWorks) to preview 4 extended clips from the feature film @ Lincoln Center's Walter Reads Theatre [via]

and while i have no disillusions that somehow somewhere someone would sneek-film it and upload it on youtube (*snicker*), here are some online sites that describes what they saw:

- Preview @ SuperheroHype.com
- Movie Spoilers @ TFW2005.com [images via]
- Paramount Transformers Review @ ENews [link via]
- Transformers Preview @ IGN (extensive details)
- a very detailed breakdown Review of Sneak Peek @ Seibertron.com (including trailer screengrabs)
- Reviewd @ AICN (does the dude even know who the on-screen Transformers are gonna be???)

basically the four scenes are:
01. Blackout @ military base
02. Sam tries to score with Mikaela with Bumblebee's help
03. Three giant robots tries to hide in Sam's backyard
-----(this already sounds too hilarious to miss)
04. Desert Battle Scene

reading the descriptions gave me mild goosebumps, with admittedly a heighten excitement brewing, more so now then when i started tracking/following the development of Michael bay's adaptation of the classic '80s cartoon Transformers into live-action on the silver-screen, i'd been knee-deep in image-collecting, loads of photoshopping and compiling of montage images, primarily for this blog and to satisfy my own curiosity and mild hunger (*ahem*) for the movie and it's toys, the result of which is my Flickr-album, filled with 100+ images and counting - peep it if you're too lazy don't want to scour thru my blog, LOL

:: Transformers@Flickr ::

[posted circa 15.02.07]

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