transformer prototype toys update 2007 part twelve

with the recent unveil of Ultimate Bumblebee and Leader Class Optimus Prime at NYTF, mayhap Transfans are suitably "pacified" for a short while (longer), before the desire/need to see the rest of the toys! and with 5 months more to go before the launch of the feature film, we'd still be on the lookout for any Trans-news ... and with this, a coupla more Test Shots have just hit ebay [via] - namely Ironhide and Blackout from the Voyager Class-series (blogged), with more angles to what we have seen before (but always worth another look, innit? *heh*)

Voyager Class Blackout test shot [via]:
(blogged) the painted-over windscreens are getting a tad "disturbing" (but of coz it IS a test-shot here, innit? :p), and Scorponok is turning out too cute as the wee Decepticon that flings out of his mecha-butt LOL

Voyager Class Ironhide test shot [via]:
his gun-turret is insane tho LOL

more Ironhide images @ TFormers.com :p

[post circa 15.02.07]

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