transformers bumblebee @ nytf 2007 demo video

a 40-seconds demo of the 14"-er Ultimate Bumblebee [featured here]

[via Tranformerslive]
" In car mode, BUMBLEBEE is an approximately 1/14 scale CAMARO concept with realistic car features. By rolling the vehicle you activate headlights and revving engine sounds. Stopping activates taillights and screeching brakes or crashing sounds

After you manually convert the car to robot mode, BUMBLEBEE stands an impressive 14” tall. With the touch of a button, robotic BUMBLEBEE comes to “life” with speech, music – featuring DEVO’s “Whip It”, battle and conversion sounds and fully animated head, arms and wings. BUMBLEBEE’s sound detection capabilities enable him to respond to noise, and he can also automatically aim and fire a missile."
[via / press release]
Devo's Whip It? hell, Whip It GOOD! LOL

[post circa 14.02.07]

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