transformer prototype toys update 2007 part seven

more Transformer-movie prototype toys images for your weekend pleasure:

finally, a more "tangible" image of the Decepticon; Blackout (1st featured here and as seen from his appearance in the Teaser Trailer here)
dude looks great - a real mecha-muscle-bound Transformer, IMHO :)

while here are more images of the Autobots and Decepticons, previously featured here and here (click icons to view mondo-bigger image)
starscreammore optimusmore
ironhidemore ratchetmore
not much change in design, just more views. i don't feel much for Starscream still / the Optimus-form is still a wee bit uneasy for me / Ironhide rawks decent still / while Ratchet is shaping up to be my fav Autobot-form so far and a confirmed considered purchase! what do you think? *heh*

[post circa 20.01.07]

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