transformer prototype toys update 2007 part six

a coupla quickie-proto-updates of "possible" Transformers movie toys ~ first up with the ebay auction of the transforming test-shot Gameboy Console (last featured here):
see if you can notice/recognize the graphics-shown on the "game screen" (*heh*)

and next up are two rather interesting versions of Megatron and Optimus Prime:
quite a muscled-looking duo, innit? personally looking waaaaay better than the ones we've seen before ... the thing is, as realistic as we'd all like to keep/have them, both vehicle and autobot/decepticon-forms needn't be that accurate to each other's transformation, do they? as vehicles themselves they could be sleek and cool, while the transformed-robots retain their mecha-glory and form - and in the "effort" to unify both, neither comes out looking cool, IMHO ~ am i making any sense here? ... ah well, tis just "toys", innit? *heh*

[post circa 16.01.07]

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