transformer prototype toys update 2007 part five

and the Transformers movie prototype+test shots toys keep streaming in ~ let's start with the Autobot; Ironhide:
Ironhide looks like a real bruiser and the toy so far succeeds with bridging the look of the vehicle (the noticable chest- design) and the transformed-Autobot - heck, even the "face" looks fierce and "panther"-like hahahha
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altho i haveta say the truck-form reminds me a tad of a kiddie-toy-truck, innit? ... but then again, them test-shots can be tricky, no? *heh*
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next-up is Jazz (last seen in drawing)
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can only wait for the final paint-app to decide tho ... but if it looks as good as the movie-version? *schweet*

and then we have Optimus Prime, along with an pretty awkward-looking "back-pack", doncha think? *yikes* ~ i hope they do right by him tho ... :p
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a Decepticon-pox on those who'd tarnish Prime! *LOL* :p

finally we see another variation of Starscream, this time with a grinning-face! hahahaha (would the previous image be a "battle-damaged" version?)
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*darn* ~ who else is missing from the movie-lineup so far? :p

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[post circa 14.01.07]

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