transformers toys 2007: burger king promos & megatron protos

ya know, when i start a blog post with fastfood-toys, you know it's time to wind-up and fast ... even if they happen to be Burger King X Transformer movie-promo toys!
[on auction / info via] - the figures include Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream, Ironhide, Scorponok, Ratchet, and Blackout.

yes, gentle readers, Transformers movie toy news has come to an abrupt stop a virtual stand-still crawl, with most of the "surprises" and toy-images already revealed online, in various stages of evolution, from proto-types and test shots, to packaged toys - it's just not as fun anymore tracking them, isn't it? *heh*

regardless, these BK-toys literally forms and converts the next generation of Transfans, dunnit? and it is interesting (if not "predictable") how and where the franchise of Transformers would lead, especially with the talk of a movie-sequel in 2009 and a possible revamped cartoon series based on the movie-version on CBR [via]
""Transformers 2" is being prepped for 2009, as is a new cartoon series to spin off the upcoming movie ... The reason given to licensors as to why the robots look so different in the film is so that hardcore fans will stay loyal and keep buying the old toys, which they're relaunching, even if they hate the new movie ... Licensing has explicitly stated that companies doing merchandising have to avoid doing anything too similar to the original Transformers line, so as not to mix the two separate and profitable properties."
= LOL *more toys made, more money spent buying*

and while the young'uns scramble for their happy meals and whatnot, us "kidults" (who most probably will end up paying for them as well) will just haveta contend with proto-form Megatron-figures (which essentially, is not that big a leap of toy-evolution from the kiddie-promos, innit? *heh*)
[above via / via] see more non-transforming Megatron images on TFormers.com - *heh*

[post circa 4.04.07]

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