transformers toys 2007: voyager prime and swindle

Voyager-class Optimus Prime takes center-stage with these high-res images from TFormers.com [via] which shows Primes' exhaust as hand-blasters *schweet*
while online auctions [via] reveal dismally small images of Bumblebee,
Bonecrusher and Swindle in-package:

(shown above is the in-package image, together with screengrabs from the online Transformers Game of the "Red Drone") - i've not read about "Swindle" being a part of the movie tho ... altho in Alternator Transformers, Swindle is a yellow Jeep instead ... :p

anyways, can't wait for trusty Transfans to win the auction and post multiple hi-res images of the toys/vehicles online, yeh? *muahahaha*

[post circa 8.04.07]

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