transformers toys 2007: optimus prime, fabs and leaked catalogs

a joyous Transformer-movie toys weekend it has started to shape up, firstly with this uber-cool image of Hasbro's Optimus Prime as shown with an interview on Wizard (with Hasbro's Director of Marketing Greg Lombardo):
*now this is what im talking about! TRANSFORMERS, ROLL OUT!*

"Movie Leader Optimus Prime = As featured on the cover of ToyFare 116, OPTIMUS PRIME appears in highly detailed robot and Semi tractor mode. Each mode realistically depicts OPTIMUS PRIME as he appears in the film ... In 2007, select figures across Leader, Voyager and Deluxe class feature AUTOMORPH TECHNOLOGY that enhances the vehicle to robot conversion of both AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON warriors. Moving one part of the robot or vehicle causes other parts to move, making armor plates and weapons shift automatically. Movie Leader OPTIMUS PRIME also features ADVANCED AUTOMORPH—an automatic conversion that triggers both lights and sounds ... Movie Leader OPTIMUS PRIME will be at retailers near you beginning June, 2, 2007 for a suggested retail price of $39.99; Ages 5 & up." [via]
and i really haveta say, this is truly rawking! - primarily becoz the "form" seems just about "right" (compared to the other mis-proportioned earlier incarnations, IMHO) and the truck form is outstandingly macho-cool ("flames" not withstanding, 'natch) - and is as close to the earlier-protos (shown here), as folks have been excited over :)
"WIZARD: Will all 13 Transformers identified as being in the movie get toys? Will any get more than one?
HASBRO: Yes, all 13 will be made in some capacity. And many will have multiple versions."
if they're all gonna be looking like Optimus? ~ i'll be a happy Transfan-noob, i would! :)))

and from (what i deem the "Ultimate") Optimus Prime, we take a look at the quartet of packaging-pix of the Fast Action Battlers-Transformers toys (ie: kiddy simplified versions) that has just hit the www, starting with Power Hook Optimus Prime:
Cannon Blast Ironhide:
Ion Blast Jazz:
Battle Blade Starscream:
gotta get the kids in on da game somehow, innit? *heh*

[view original images on TFW2005.com]

and if you're wondering what other "merchandize" that'll be lining the toy-shelves in the coming year? check out this leaked catalog [via]
i reckon i'd only be interested in the Optimus Spud, innit? (insert circled) LOL

click here to read the official toys release from Hasbro, on transformerslive@blogspot.

[post circa 10.02.07]

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