transformers prototype toys update 2007 part eleven

Seibertron.com currently has an extensive and comprehensive gallery of Transformers-movie prototype-toys, primarily procured from ebay-auctions and snappity-snapped for Transfans' pleasure, hence, Seibertron.com rawks! ... here is a visual summary of their collection so far [all images via]:

my current Autobot-fav, Ratchet, with 200 images in total - including transformation poses!
*awesome* [view entire hi-res gallery here]

Starscream takes center stage here, with 169 images by diablien - featuring the prototype with the red-disfigured face that has been circulating online (and i was wrong, it is not a "battle-damaged"-variant, tis just a production "defect", turned "unique" piece :p):
[view entire hi-res gallery here]

a collection of 5 prototype-dudes from the Real Gear series:
[click below-links to view hi-res gallery]
- Power-Up (61 images of the mecha gameboy)
- Speed Dial (73 images of the mobilephone-mecha)
- Spyshot (70 images of the transforming digital camera)
- Zoom Out (79 images of the transforming video-cam)
- Long View (65 images of the binocular-mecha)

personally, im thoroughly grateful for folks on Seibertron.com and their member/collectors for sharing alla these images = *great stuff*

[post circa 11.02.07]

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