star wars transformers 2007

what do you get when you combine a Star Wars Deathstar with Transformers?

Death-Vader-Star! (okay, that was lame and thoroughly inacccurate LOL)

peep all images via TWF2005.com's NYTF-press event preview images:

the series includes: Commander Cody/Clone Turbo Tank, Luke/Snowspeeder, Clone Pilot/Republic Gunship and more (no other details at this point of post)

- Seibertron.com covered the event as well (with near 128-images)
- SirStevesGuide.com has a gallery too :)

Star Wars Transformers were last seen here on this blog, and i've actually seen them @ Toys'R'Us and unfortunately did not appeal to me that much, as fun as the premise is/was, IMHO ... sometimes oogling at online pictures is good enough, i reckon ... *heh*

[post circa 11.02.07]

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